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Cusco is the Inca city, Cusco is the Humanity’s Cultural Patrimony and Cusco or Cuzco is the Archaeological Capital of America. We begin to describe this way to the City Imperial of the Cusco to be this the cradle of the Incan Empire; center of a powerful civilization that occupied from the Kingdom Quito to great part of Chile and Bolivia.

Cusco is known by its Quechua name “Qosqo” that one interprets as “Navel of the World” and is that Cusco – Peru was the center of the Tahuantinsuyo. Cusco is to 3400 msnm it is located to 1200 km of Lima – Peru (55 flight min). Their visit is recommended of April to September (dry and sunny climate), although should take into account that the temperatures in the region oscillate considerably according to the altitude and the hour of the day. Also well-known as Cuzco at international level.

In Peru, Cusco represents one of the most important cities for the tourism cultural because in Cusco is the called older Inca Citadel Machupicchu or Machu Picchu, besides the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas from the Cusco represented by Pisaq, Lamay, Traces, Urubamba, Yucay, Ollantaytambo, Maras crossed by the Vilcanota river where are practiced adventure sports or rafting.

The greater church cusqueña, been born after the conquest and Spanish foundation of the city, had two locations before rising on its present location. In October of 1534, the first town hall assigned the site to him that today occupies the church of the Triumph, in the old Sunturhuasi.

Due to his smallness, in 1541 it was decided to grant a ampler site to him in the zone of Cusipata, in front of the market and to the convent of the mercedarios. This proximity was inconvenient and in 1552 the lands of the Quishuarcancha or palace of Huiracocha were acquired, next to the primitive temple.

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